Please note that these prices reflect addressing the front of the envelope only; it is customary to print the return address on outer envelopes. Also, these prices reflect the use of black ink only; for metallic inks and custom mixed inks, add $0.25 per envelope.

Traditional Pointed Pen Calligraphy
Outer Envelope Only: $3.50 and up
Outer and Inner Envelope: $4.00 and up

Modern Pointed Pen Calligraphy
Outer Envelope Only: $3.50 and up
Outer and Inner Envelope: $4.00 and up

Monoline Styles
Monoline styles are a lovely and more cost-efficient way to address your envelopes; instead of using a dip pen with ink, I use a “regular” pen to render the copperplate and italic styles.

Outer Envelope Only: $2.75
Outer and Inner Envelope: $3.50


I will work with you to design a completely custom invitation or invitation suite in calligraphy, and will deliver the final design as a high resolution digital file, according to your printer's specifications.

The price for invitation design varies, depending on the amount of flourishes for the invitation, and depending on the number of drafts per invitation. The price of the invitation design includes 3 drafts; three different opportunities to revise the invitation once the design process is started. Any additional drafts will cost an additional $30.00. Changes made after the final digital delivery of the invitation will be an additional $60.00.

Invitation: $300.00 and up
Price depends on the amount of lines, flourishing, and other details.

Outer Envelope Return Address: $25.00 and up

Response Card: $60.00 and up

Response Envelope Return Address: $30.00 and up

Reception Card: $60.00 and up

Bride and Groom’s Name Only: $75.00 and up


Tent card, or card without envelope: $1.25

Tent card with name on outside and table number on inside: $1.50

Escort envelope, with table number card: $1.50 per set.

Please contact me if you have any questions about prices, or would like a quote for item not mentioned here.