Learn how to use pointed pen calligraphy tools, and basic modern letter-forms in a 2-hour evening course. It's a crash course in pointed pens and their techniques!

How does this differ from the Modern Calligraphy Workshop for Beginners?
To keep this experience low-commitment, we provide supplies for the course, but the supplies stay with us. If you want to continue your calligraphy journey after the course, you can purchase a Modern Calligraphy kit for $35.00 the evening of the Crash Course. It's also an hour shorter, so it's more of a true introduction.

What's provided:

  • Supplies for the course-- just show up! If you want to take supplies home, you can purchase a kit!
  • Coffee and/or a glass of wine + a few munchies
  • Helpful handouts and supply lists

We'll work quick, we'll have fun, and at the end of the course you'll have a basic understanding of how modern pointed pen calligraphy works and how to pursue it further!


A collaboration between Houston creatives Meredith Allison Calligraphy and Mesh by Alex, the Modern Calligraphy Workshop for Beginners is an intensive, 3-hour introduction to pointed pen calligraphy.

This workshop will held in a beautiful alcove at Feliz Interiors-- think flowers, a long table for writing on, and gypsy jazz on the stereo. They start at 10:00am, which means we provide delicious coffee and/or mimosas since we have found that both are conducive to life in general and calligraphy in particular. Also, plenty of snacks to keep you going-- we call it "brunch-ish." The workshop is limited in size for plenty of hands-on instruction and includes:

  • An introduction to pointed pen calligraphy with a short letterpress demonstration
  • Beautiful, personalized supplies to take home with you: clipboard, paper, penholder, nibs, ink & ink jar, and handouts
  • Drills, basic strokes, and minuscule letterforms
  • Formatting + Layout: create your own modern calligraphy masterpiece
  • A beautiful letter-pressed take-away from Mesh by Alex

In short, this is three hours of encouraging hands-on instruction, geared towards setting you up to successfully practice and refine this craft on your own. There are so many resources out there now for calligraphy, but we firmly believe that nothing replaces in-person instruction and the community of fellow newbies.


Have you taken a workshop from us before? Well, we miss you! 

So, we're having a happy hour to reconnect and letter together. Bring your supplies, get tips, feedback, and keep your calligraphy skills sharp!

The small fee covers a supply refresher: 2 nibs, more paper, and more ink.